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Ames Engineering

Experts in Non-Nuclear
Asphalt & Soil Density Technology

Our Non-Nuclear Technology Used Around the World!

TransTech Systems Non-Nuclear density gauges are sold by 24 exclusive international distributors into 87 countries

About TransTech Systems Products

The founders of TransTech Systems recognized from the start that many construction, civil engineering and other disciplines continue to be handled by methods that have changed very little over the decades. TransTech responded by providing the first non-nuclear density gauge technology. Holding the original patent, TransTech strives to continue to push this technology to what the industry needs. Asphalt and soil non-nuclear density testing is our expertise, and we look forward to pursuing additional applications of this technology.

Trade-In / Trade-Up Program

Your nuclear density gauge or legacy PQI 300/301 could earn you up to $500 toward the purchase of a TransTech Systems Non-Nuclear PQI 380 asphalt density gauge

Nuclear Gauge Legacy PQI 300/301

Discontinued Gauges

A few of our legacy non-nuclear asphalt density gauges have been discontinued, select your gauge and click below to find out more